The Hampstead Players

The Hampstead Players 2014 Summer Production

Our summer production will be Shakespeare's "All's Well That Ends Well", directed by Matthew Williams. Sometimes described as a 'problem play' it is a wonderful mix of the hilarious and the heartbreaking, the realistic and the stylised. It has a fairy tale storyline, but is populated by complex, believable characters with all their strengths and weaknesses.

The named roles and approximate playing ages are:
At the palace of the Count of Rossillion:
Helen, a physician's daughter in ward to the Countess of Rossillion [20s]
Countess of Rossillion, Bertram's mother [50s+]
Bertram, Count of Rossillion since his father's recent death [20s]
Parolles, a friend of Bertram and a coward, liar and braggart [30s-40s]
Lavatch, a clown at the Count of Rossillion's palace [Any]
Rynaldo, steward to the Countess of Rossillion [Any]
At the Court of the King of France in Paris:
King of France [50s+]
Lafew, an old French Lord [50s+]
Captain E. Dumaine, a French military officer [30s]
Captain G. Dumaine, a French military officer [30s]
In Florence:
Duke of Florence [Any]
Diana, a maid of Florence and daughter to Widow Capliet [20s]
Widow Capilet, a widow of Florence, once wealthy, but fallen on hard times [40s+]
Mariana, neighbour and friend to Widow Capilet [Any]

There are also a number of smaller roles including lords, soldiers and various gentlemen which can be doubled with each other or with the smaller named parts. In total, we expect to cast approximately 15 actors. Several of the parts can easily be played by men or women, including the Captains Dumaine, Rynaldo and some soldiers. It should also be noted that playing ages are a guide only and can usually be interpreted fairly flexibly.

Performances will be on the 10th, 11th, 12th July with the possibilities of a "press night" on the 8th and a performance in Pimlico as part of the South West Fest.

Auditions will take place: Thursday 13th February, 19:30 in the Church – enter by the door up the steps on the South side (ring the bell if door locked).
Saturday 15th February, 11:00 in the Gregory Room - enter by the door to the Crypt Room, down the steps on the South side, and turn right down the corridor.

If you cannot make either of these dates we shall be happy to try to audition you at an alternative time. If you have any questions please contact Matthew Williams at, or on 07931 358 852.