The Hampstead Players

The Hampstead Players 2018 Autumn Production

29th - 30th November and 1st December 2018
Directed by Matthew Williams

The Government Inspector is a comedy that satirises political corruption, greed and gullibility. In a provincial town in an autocratic state, the local party officials have been abusing their position, taking bribes and threatening citizens, all while letting the town’s infrastructure collapse. Their cosy world is shattered when they hear news of the arrival of a government inspector. But, far too quickly, they jump to conclusions as to who that inspector is…

Auditions will take place: - Saturday 21st July, 15:00 in the Choir Vestry - Tuesday 24th July, 19:30 in the Church Enter by the door up the steps on the South side (ring the bell if door locked).

If you can’t make these dates, but would like to audition, please contact Matthew Williams ( to arrange an alternative time.

Most of the characters can be played as either male or female, and playing ages are usually extremely flexible. The major roles, with approximate playing ages are:

  • Governor, 40s–60s, male or female
  • Governor’s spouse, 40s–60s, male or female
  • Marya, their daughter, 20s–30s, female
  • Klestakov, the supposed inspector, 20s–50s, male
  • Osip, his servant, any age, male or female
  • Education Director, any age. male or female
  • District Judge, any age, male or female
  • Health Director, any age, male or female
  • Information Director, any age, male or female
  • Dobchinski, wealthy local, any age, male or female
  • Bobchinksi, wealthy local, any age, male or female
  • Waiter at the inn, any age, male or female
  • Servant to the Governor, any age, male or female

Some of these parts can be doubled with each other, or with some of the other small parts: police, merchants, a doctor etc.

The scenes used for the auditions can be found at this link: audition pieces

Alternatively, if, for any reason, you prefer not to read in an audition, do feel free to prepare your own modern monologue.

Performances will be on the evenings of 29th, 30th November, 1st December with a matinee on the Saturday afternoon. Rehearsals will start on the 4th September and will usually be every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday evening - although no one will be called to every rehearsal.