Thursday 3rd - Sunday 6th May 2001 The Crypt, Hampstead Parish Church

Saturday 11th August 2001 Open-Air Performance, Hampstead

Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd August 2001 Lot Valley, France



Director David Gardner

Co-Director / Designer John Risebero


Hamlet, Prince of Denmark David Gardner

Claudius, the King, his uncle Edward Pleasance

Gertrude, the Queen, his mother Patrice Dorling

Ghost of old Hamlet, his father Derek Spottiswoode


Polonius, Counsellor to the King John Willmer

Laertes, his son Gaynor Bassey

Ophelia, his daughter Angela Bates


Horatio, friend to Hamlet John Risebero


Barnardo, Guildenstern, Gravedigger Cliff Burgess

Marcellus, Rosencrantz, Priest John Standish


The Players Gaynor Bassey, John Standish, Cliff Burgess












"For the space of an evening, there in the smoky light, dark truths of the human condition, and the final quiet of death absorbed us, took us into another world." Diana Raymond, the magazine of St. John-at-Hampstead



Production Photos


On Tour in France