The Lark was presented as part of the Hampstead Players' 30th Anniversary celebrations, recreating the company's first production from 1976.

Friday 21 - Saturday 22 July 2006
Hampstead Parish Church



Directors John Hester / John Willmer


Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick Adam Sutcliffe

Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais John Dansey

Joan Lisa Burke

Her Father Cliff Burgess

Her Mother Barbara Salmon

Her Brother Joanna Siddall

The Promoter Stephen Tucker

The Inquisitor John Willmer

Sister Ladvenu Gaynor Bassey

Robert de Beaudricourt Moray Jones

Boudousse, a guard Jonathan Murray

Agnes Sorel Jane Mayfield

The Young Queen Barbara Salmon

Queen Yolande Nina Trebilcock

Charles, the Dauphin Matthew Stevens

Archbishop of Rheims Jonathan Murray

M. de la Tremouille Jon Siddall

Page Joanna Siddall

Captain La Hire Kevin Josling

The Hangman Cliff Burgess

English Soldier Kevin Josling

Designer Margaret Willmer

Costumes Alison Berryman

Sound Rebecca Siddall / Philip Stokes

Stage Manager Annie Duarte-Potter